After spending half a decade touring as core members of the Esther Melody Band, siblings Esther and Caleb Smith responded to God calling them to the nations, won Greencards in a lottery, relocated to Nashville, TN with their parents, started Megamorphic Church in the basement of their house, and took hold of God leading them to focus on Praise & Worship music.

Embassy is the result.

Combining their love for EDM, rock, hip-hop, grunge and pop, the brother/sister duo set to work creating a catalogue of tunes that would both be a catalyst for generating unity with purpose in the body of Christ, and bring a fresh perspective on the sonic possibilities of Christian music.

As singer Esther would say, "we put the doof, doof in your Hallelujah".

With Caleb at the production helm and Esther's bent for songcraft, a wild ride of collaboration was inevitable. Morning prayer times, "Spirit of Prophecy" sessions, musical prayer jams, fasting, bible consumption, soul winning and being church all came into play, they even brought their dad/manager into the process.
There were also a good number of disagreements, toilet breaks, frustrations, 2.30am divergences into Rugby watching and cups of tea along the way!

The result: A double debut LP "We are the Stars"  (Daniel 12:3)

Part I, "White", was launched August 2015, and part II, "Black" in February, 2016.  The music is made available through the bands own artist label, Spinnovations. To get a taste of the sounds, check out the lyric video's for title track "We are the Stars" and "Inferno" here.

p: 615 516 6133

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