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We'll be posting videos, pictures, recipes, lyrics, artwork, music clips, notes from our churches briefings, thoughts, dreams, ideas, stuff we like.  We also want to spotlight what YOU are doing.  Keen to keep it interesting for you lot, so let us know what you like, join in the conversation and together let's represent God's Kingdom on Earth awesomely! 



Yep, that's us.  In fact, that is us during our first month living in Tennessee!

Brief-ish history: 
1986: Phil and Shona (dad and mum) get Married
1987: First Rugby World cup - NZ wins!
1988: Esther got born
1990: Caleb arrived
1992: Esther loses favorite sock: answered prayer for said sock = catalyst for accepting Christ
1993: Caleb get's saved / God speaks to Esther at a concert - musical purpose ignited, dreams born! / Dad also starts "Khool Skhool", a band of awesome musicians that toured NZ schools.  Esther & Caleb occasionally tag along on tour. 
1996: Caleb writes first song "Jesus saves us" / Esthers first vocal recording - "Y.O.U." for Khool Skhool
1998: Dad gets Caleb to find Nashville on a map, tell's Caleb that we're going to go there one day.
2000: Y2K! Esther records first original song "Jesus is the name of the Lord" / Caleb gives up music (there may be a correlation there :P) 
2003: Esther begins creating music as a solo artist under the name 'S-ta', releases debut single "Wait for Me" 
2006: Esther changes stage name to Esther Melody, starts recording process & begin's touring
2007: God speaks to Caleb in a MUSE Moshpit, gets back on the drums! / Esther Melody releases first EP "Might see a Miracle / Began partnership with Wycliffe New Zealand
2008: Esther Melody Squad is formed
2009: Esther Melody releases debut album "Secret Message" / Esther Melody Squad becomes Esther Melody Band (EMB) / NZ on Air funding for "Meet me at the Water"
2010: "Meet me at the water" hits the NZ top 40, Esther win's "Maorioke" on NZ's Maori Television, 3 month tour of USA during which band attends GMA Immerse and wins best band, best vocals under 25 and 3rd in Songwriting, release "Go for Gold" - Team song for Rowing NZ at Rowing world champs
2011: Smith family win Greencards in Diversity Visa Lottery / NZ wins Rugby world cup
2012: Smith family leave New Zealand and move to Nashville, TN / Welcomed & prayed for as missionaries to the USA / EMB release 'Edge of Time' / God gives Caleb "Megamorphic" word.
2013: EMB hit NZ for Edge of Time tour / Smith family start Church at their house
2014: Caleb gets on the road touring with Derek Minor and Jonathan Thulin / Esther starts teaching Vocals & Piano / We launched the V2025 Global Challenge
2015: Megamorphic Church incorporated / Embassy launched / debut double album "We are the Stars" hits the world! / Rugby World Cup - winner TBC

So there you have it...that's our story in a nutshell.  

Catch ya soon, and remember: 




- Esther & Caleb


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