I'm very excited about Embassy, the music, the vision, and where God is taking us!

A little about me;

My life has been a story of transformation.  My initial change was at 3 when I was playing Commander Keen on the computer and all of a sudden I had a desperate urge.  I didn't totally understand this feeling, it was so strong and compelling to the point where I don't even recall making a decision to act upon it, I was simply like the southern pole of a magnet placed near a northern pole - the movement was inevitable.  That northern pole was Jesus.  I somehow knew that I was disconnected from Him and that I had to be connected with Him, so I spoke with my dad, he lead me in praying and I accepted Jesus into my heart.

After some years of following the Lord, I fell away in high school.  I spent a few years pursuing my own desires only to have an encounter with God at a secular music festival watching my favorite band, and then recommitting my life to Him a week later at a Christian music festival.

Since then, I've joined my sister in making music, moved to the USA, started a church in our family's basement, and want to make epic praise and worship music that speaks of the greatness of God in lyric & sound until the day I die.

Why don't you come along on the journey?


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