📷: Maghan Everidge

📷: Maghan Everidge

Hey guys!

Thanks for stopping by my little nook of this site!

Whether you've been following what I've been doing from the very beginning (anyone remember S-ta, Esther Melody Squad, EMB??) or you're completely new to our music and me. WELCOME!

Music has been my whole life and boy, it has been quite a journey!  Very thankful to have been able to do the things I've done and meet the people I've met.  I truly believe the best is yet to come!  
I am so excited to share Embassy with you, I am stoked to be on this ride with my brother, Caleb (who is hands down one of the coolest human beings on the planet), I am beyond pleased that we finally have a band that has a band name that is not my name, and I am thankful for the vision God has given us (which you can check out here).

For any fans out there of the Esther Melody Band, never fear, it still exists!  In fact, I've been working away at songs for a project called "Something Hidden" which was ignited in a dream I had.  Something Hidden is one of the meanings of the name Esther and I'm believing that these songs will be an expression of me, not just the parts that everyone get's to see, but all the ridiculousness of the being that is Esther Melody Smith.  This dream came out of a season where I made a decision that my number 1 priority is that I be a human that knows and hears the voice of God.  I want the Something Hidden stories and the Embassy stories to be an inspiration and encouragement, and as we join in conversation, I am sure that I will be inspired and encouraged by your stories and dreams as well!  So let's keep in touch :)

You can communicate with me in whatever way you fancy:


I love to make new friends, to hear stories, testimonies, thoughts, opinions, whatever.  So hit me up - let me know what you're reading, what you're listening to, what you're watching, what you're up to!

- Esther xx


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