We, Esther and brother Caleb Smith, are Embassy - musical ambassadors and founding leadership members of Megamorphic Church.

We believe from our keynote scripture, Daniel 12:3, that God’s heart for the people of every kindred, tribe and tongue, is interdependent eternal stardom. That they would become new creation church beings -  born again, baptized and discipled to shine the glorious light of the gospel in accordance with soul winning wisdom, leading others to the righteousness of faith found in the free gift of eternal life offered by Jesus Christ, the God of the nations. From Revelation 21:24-26, it is our conviction that working together to generate the glory of the nations is central to this eternal stardom. 

God's mandate for us to all play a part in His eternal purpose for the nations is known as the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20). Our W.A.T.S. U.P. vision is designed to unite our generation of Church in strategic targeted steps toward this coming to pass.  There are still literally billions who are unreached and have little or no awareness of the eternal destiny God has for them, and millions who are without God’s word in their language. Similarly, many of those who already know God see him primarily as a personal savior and have limited understanding of the inheritance He has for us all together in the nations.

While the challenge is huge, the capacity for Church interdependence is now greater than ever.  With God and our combined efforts as the Church, we can shine the glorious light of the gospel into the deepening dark despair that hangs over those living without the certain and eternal hope found in relationship with Jesus Christ. 

W.A.T.S. U.P. our We are the Stars Unity Pact,  is a call to like minded Churches,  entities and individuals, to "fire up, line up, and sign up" as clusters of eternal stars and be Partners with Answers to Jesus prayer in John 17:20–24 for unity with purpose.

We invite you to; 

Fire up, check out the W.AT.S. U.P. facts in the Megamorphic Eternal Investment Prospectus and make the vision yours (contact us for a copy)

Line up your own vision and plans with others to act as part of a cluster to strategically target unreached, Bible-less and people groups in general from neighborhoods to nations 

Sign up as a “Partner with Answers“ to our We Are The Stars Unity Pact, unite in covenant working relationship and together ignite a galaxy of hope

Go to embassy.band/pwa


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